Jabha Verse Podcast

Jabhaverse is a podcast that talks about comic books, whether they're from Marvel, DC, Black Horse or Image. We're here to talk and vent about the comics we read or comic related stuff.

Hosted ByAbdulelah Baraja
Our style is simple, we just speak our jabhas off about comics and nerdy stuff. We feel there are underappreciated comics and some that go unnoticed that deserve to have some light shed on them.
Most comic book related podcasts like to focus on comics that are adapted in movies or TV shows, and that’s cool; however, we differ from our brothers in comics in our style and our way of presenting our podcast.
Also, this podcast wont take a whole day to listen, just a drive to work should be enough for an episode.
So strap your seat belts boys and girls and enjoy the ride.

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