About Us

House Zofi Network

Podcast &  Created Content  about Pop Culture literature and activities: Movies, Series, Anime, Novels, Comics, Manga, video & board games and anything fun.

Our Mission:

Spreading knowledge about popular culture entertainment in the Arabic countries.

Our Vision:

To be best Arabic content in popular culture entertainment.

Our Values:

Enjoy it while it lasts:

What make us start all of this on the first place is to have fun. We believe pursuing knowledge and spreading it is fun.

Appreciate the past:

One of our common saying is old is gold! It doesn’t matter how old is the knowledge we are representing it is always gold.

Welcoming everybody:

As long you are into; fun, Books, video games, anime, movies or board games! At house zofi you are always welcome.

Meet The Founders


Fowzi Mahsoon

A veteran, Who returned to live. The head of ! While waiting for Food, I write & podcast about the Adventure, Fantasy & Knowledge in Pop Culture World

Feras Gashgari

i fly👨‍✈️.i watch anime and cartoon..i read comic and manga..my type of games is JRPG.. basically any stories is interesting me. co-host

Mohammed Alshamali

Also known by his stage name “Silver Mask”, is the co-founder, co-host, and producer of the “House Zofi” Podcast. Experienced and self-taught for 10+ years in everything related to music and audio/video production, Mohammed combines a geekiness and passion in every topic on the House of Zofi. He is also the proud owner of 5 cats.

The Team

Ahmed Bamahfwz

A Traffic Controller at KAIA, geeky hooman, father of two gorgeous cats, co-editor @housezofi  and Host of @beta_boyz

Ahmed Shbair

Dentist, Photo Designer (Beginner), Gamer, Anime fan, Comics reader, Cosplayer, Rock & Metal music are my fav, member of 

Ahmed Melibari

Programmer, Inventor and Tech Savvy

Faisal Abuladel

I’m the apple of god’s eye…our whatever…Member of  .

Abdulelah Baraja

Video gamer, food devourer, comic fanboy (I guess), and a super hero in the making. One of the half jabhas from the  podcast

Abdulaziz Asseri

The 2nd half jabhas from the  podcast

Mohammed Shahwan

An old RPG gamer with an attitude

Ahmad M. Bakarmoom

Within every ten people there are nine claiming to understand everything; I am the tenth.

Raad Aljaber

A new road to a new path

Dhedan Al-Subaiei

Pop Culutre Content Creator

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